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The world is moving forward at an extremely fast pace which imposes a faster and more dynamic lifestyles filled with various activities. People quickly adapt to new developments seeking better and more convenient alternatives to their habits and needs. The current trend is to lead a healthy, modern   and dynamic life.

Business House is a modern company which, since its establishment in 1996, has been dedicated to the daily monitoring of emerging needs in society in order to offer high quality, healthy products that meet the criteria of a healthy and contemporary lifestyle. The company has been successful in the production, promotion, import and export, distribution, marketing and sale of health food and cosmetics in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad. It is also an international group with subsidiaries in Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany, all of which are connected vertically to the parent company. The company currently owns a warehouse, office and retail space as well as its own fleet. Its main business is focused on the sale of products and services in commerce, pharmacy and catering. Its distribution network is comprised of several wholesale and retail facilities, such as warehouses, pharmacies, cosmetic retail stores, supermarkets, cafes, gas stations as well as all the large supermarket chains.

The company aims at consistent and continuous growth and development by adhering to the following principles:

PHILOSOPHY: Promotion of products that contribute and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

VISION: Achieving quality and sustainable company development.

MISSION: Delivery of contemporary health and beauty products.

AIM: To supply the market with quality products at affordable prices that will meet the needs of the general public and will be sold en masse.

TASK: Developing successful products. Continuous improvement of quality of both products and services-efficiency, design, packaging.

POLICY: Continuous innovation in the market. Dynamic development of new products and services. Creating a franchise in the field of trade and catering.

STRATEGY: Continuous improvement of existing and development of new products. Continuous marketing –both corporate and individual. Maintaining steady company growth without oscillations.


PLAN: Continuous growth and development with high standards.

EMPLOYEES: Enabling comfortable and safe working conditions, where the employees can invest effort and achieve maximum results.

PRODUCTS: Functional and innovative, with guaranteed standards and quality.

PRICES: Competitive and affordable for everyone

DISTRIBUTION: Wide network of sales points available to every consumer.

PORTFOLIO: Quality products, which are easy to use and accessible to everyone.

PARTNERS: Building long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and support.

PROFIT: Never sacrifice the quality of the product, the brand image or the public opinion of the company in order to generate more profit.

The most recognizable brand of the company is DOCTOR’S which is comprised of four basic groups:

     1.       DOCTOR’S  Healthy Food   -   Healthy Food and Drinks

     2.       DOCTOR’S  Natural Cosmetics -   Natural Cosmetics

     3.       DOCTOR’S  Health Aid  -   Medical Devices

     4.       Doctor’s   Express  -   Catering Franchise

The rapid acceptance of the brand in everyday life is mostly due to the company’s efficiency in addressing the many health problems of the modern man, as well as low prices and guaranteed safe usage.
DOCTOR'S is a combination of knowledge and experience. What science has proven and tradition has confirmed throughout the centuries is the subject of our continuing interest. Such products alone are healthy, efficient and long lasting.

                                        WHY   DOCTOR’S?

             1.  Because it presents a vast and efficient application of the medicinal properties of herbs and other natural substances in contemporary, everyday life.

             2. Because it uses fresh, high-quality resources and materials.

            3. Because  the products are manufactured under the highest standards  and under continuous quality control.

DOCTOR'S products are high quality, natural and healthy products, designed to provide maximum care of human health and beauty. They are intended for people who take care of themselves and who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

The brand has been promoted at several international fairs, including:

Skopje, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sofia, Plovdiv, Istanbul, Tirana, Budva, Timisoara, Prague, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Amsterdam and Moscow.

It has been successfully sold in the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.

It has been exported in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Australia and  South Africa.

BUSINESS HOUSE has a dynamic development strategy with a clear goal: TO BECOME THE LEADING COMPANY IN ITS AREA OF BUSINESS.

To achieve this goal, the company has set clear objectives, as well as put forward desires, energy, youth, enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, experience, fresh ideas, a good team, new and capable staff, strong portfolio, horizontal and vertical organizational affiliation, and developed infrastructure. Projections show that it will soon reach that QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE LEAP.

DOCTOR'S is a brand that promises a successful future based on tradition. There are no other brands that have the foundation to become a globally recognized brand with excellent brand image and high ratings.